CPU working but no display

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August 30, 2018
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Hello, I m Akshay
Few days ago ,I build gaming pc it's working fine ,I downloaded games it's good but yesterday I downloaded amd master settings software ,I just change the speed of CPU to low I guess it will make less noice I restarted pc it start but no display ,and change made is CPU fan is running less slower than yesterday
Plz help ...

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YOU overclocked the CPU and burnt it up! OOPS! Heat does permanent damage, so don't be surprised if you made a piece of toast out of your CPU! Are you certain that you lowered the setting? Did you change the CPU speed, or the fans? If you changed the fans to only run on low, you burnt your CPU up, as the fans are supposed to run at high speed if they need to. If you manually set them to low, then they would never keep up with the cooling! It take 1.5 watts of power to COOL 1 watt of CPU! A low fan will never make that difference up!