Toshiba laptop states starting windows but nothing [Closed]

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September 13, 2018
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Hi I'm hoping someone maybe able to help. I had to unplug my laptop today before it had completed 3updates.thete is no battery life left and only works when plugged into the mains. I couldn't leave it on as I worry it could be a fire risk. Now it turns on and just states starting windows but nothing is happening. I have followed the repair process and none of the options have worked. I need help Ihave a half finished dissertation saved to it that I have to finished in next week.
Please any ideas

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So you shut down an updating PC? What operating system is it? If it is 10, just turn it on, and let it sit. If it was another OS, good luck with that. Try booting into safe mode and recover back to a couple of days before the update. Oh, you don't have recovery disk? Nothing can do then!