Formatting problem

 sandeep -
Im working on a system with 160 gb hd i need to format my system due to virues..

the problem is when im formatting the os countaning drive(c drive) the following message is displayed..

windows could not format c drive as the new files for fresh os installations are in the c drive
and if i go with replace space is being wasted...

im using windows xp sp3

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try to install linex and format ,then it will work after fomating you can install windows.or please scan with online virus scan and after that try to format
i domt have linex please tell me another advice

my problem actually is ... When im trying to format c drive ,due to the presence of new tempoary files for fresh os in cdrive...
a message is being displayed that "c drive cant be formated


how could i format from system startup rather than opening windows and formatting i think this will solve my problem
> sandeep
this is urgent for me can anyone help please.......