Cursor won't move [Solved/Closed]

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I turn on my laptop , cursor won't move and dont show dialogue box to enter password even keyboard keys also don't work, I am jot able to unlock my laptop. Please help me out to unlock my laptop.

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If you press the NUMLOCK key, does a light light up, or go out? If the NUMLOCK isn't responding it is hung! PRESS AND HOLD POWER until it goes out! Try to reboot. Post back!
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Sir Mark,

There you go, another problem but the dust. Rabia marked the issue as solved. That was a quicky. Bravo!
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Ill take it! You should have seen the look on my wives face when I explained how to figure out if the PC is hung or not using the above method. She was surprised how easy it was, and now she waits a little longer for tasks to complete instead of just shutting it down!

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