Forgot my Hotmail password

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Forgot my Hotmail password

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Dec 2, 2018 at 07:41 AM
1. Open the password reset page. Go to here in your browser.

2. Check the "I forgot my password" box >>Click Next. .

3. Enter your email address. (Type in the Hotmail, Live, or Outlook email address for which you want to reset the password).

4. Enter the verification code.>> "Enter the characters you see" in field >>Click Next.

5. If you haven't registered a backup phone number, you'll just see Email here (assuming you check your email!)

If you didn't register a backup email account or phone number, check I don't have any of these and click Next, enter a backup email, and follow the on-screen instructions.

6.Enter your email address or phone number or type in the last four digits of your phone number under the Text option.

7. Click Send code >> Retrieve the recovery code.

8. Enter the recovery code. Type the code into the text field in the middle of the page, then click Next. As long as the code that you enter matches the one that you received, you'll be taken to the password reset page.

9. Enter a new password and reenter password >> then click Next.

Now login again

I hope it will be helpful for you
Between step 5 and six, how is the user supposed to enter in a recovery email? So, we just say "hey I don't have one, but I want to now that I am locked out?" Makes no logical sense. Actually just creating a NEW account for the service. I just went though this, and it will not recover your account if you don't have a recovery account!

We understand that this is too late in this circumstance, but always create IMPORTANT accounts, such as email, and lesser important accounts, such as social media, on a landline workstation. A landline workstation can be laptop on wifi, or a desktop on wifi for that matter. The important thing; the account is created from a WIRED, NON-cellular network.
The provider can offer many ways to recover your account, if you create it in this manner. Always attach a recover email, such as a work, or another email that you will not forget the username and password to (because it SO important)!
After you have attached another email address in case of forgetfulness, now you can attach a mobile device to the account. Now, if you lose, break, or stop having access to your mobile device (non-payment of services), you can still recover your account!
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Is this even a question that qualifies for help? Seriously!?!