My PS3 is not reading discs

 drSPAWN1n54n1ty -

I followed steps written on this link. But, my PS3 is still not reading discs. Is there anything else I could possibly do to fix it?

Tom H.

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Verify your disk can be read in another device. If so, then the "EYE" on the console needs cleaning. Locate the RAY EYE on the console, and gently clean with a q-tip (cotton swab). DO NOT USE ANY LIQUIDS WHEN PERFORMING THIS TASK! POST back!

ok, i just finished doin that and am still having the same issue. would the laser be worn out or something along those lines
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Physical things do wear out....

I used to keep "tics" in a log to show how many times I flipped a switch, because at 950 times, we swapped it out for a new one!

that's what i was thinkin it was, i juast wanted to make sure i did everything i could before goin to that end. thanks for the help, it was very useful.