Personal Antivirus Program is a scam!

James - Jun 11, 2009 at 09:32 AM
 howie - Mar 25, 2010 at 02:22 PM
This morning an uninvited Personal Antivirus program came to bluff me about my pc infected with hundreds of Trojan Virus and Worms. It asked me to buy their software to erase such Trojan Virus and Worms and it meant that I would have to disclose my credit card identity to pay for it, right? My McAfee Total Protection which I bought from my pc store in person last year to be installed in my pc had quarantined several Trojans and I was asked to remove the generic fakealerts created by the same Personal Antivirus program when I clicked on Restore stated in my McAfee Total Protection navigation column. You'd see Personal Antivirus is created by a group of hackers who is well-versed with software programming and they are out to scam everyone they could lay hand on. Please report such problem to all bloggers worldwide that such an old method of scam has emerged again and they'd always change name to avoid detection. They are the devils and they are the angels as well. Do not reveal your credit or debit card numbers to such scammers. Do not log onto other sites to look for a purchase of Trojan Removal Tools at all. Just follow my instructions first. Please inform all your banks to freeze your account for a time being without further delay if you did a mistake. It may be difficult to check where they hide their illegal program in our registry. I managed to remove their scammers' program by clicking on "Start" at the task bar to look for "Help and Support” and clicked “Undo changes to your computer with System Restore" to do time-travelling back one day when I failed to find anything in the "Control Panel" to check for Personal Antivirus icon possibly being downloaded inside "Add or Remove Programs". It was unlikely inside there because I didn't download such program at all. Please change all passwords of your Google, Yahoo, MSN and many others once you have successfully removed such scam by my suggestion of "System Restore". To prevent inconsiderate intrusion again, please enable firewall when you switch off your computer. Do not worry about your business website as the datacenter of your hosting company is protecting your online business data all the time. Be wary of more such future scams. Please spread the news to others as I did for you. You’d see, such scammers have ready Customer Support Specialist to take advantage of loophole of the International Law concerning internet matter. I threatened their “support team”and they emailed to me very soon but I had restored my system earlier back to normal. Don’t be so kind to such rude internet marketers at all. They’re simply hypocrites! They are disturbing our peace and our business with too much climbing over our heads. If they have shops selling Personal Antivirus Software, must they resort to such filthy act to create so much nonsense to tarnish the image of their own lucrative business. Believe it or not, I suspect many other software companies are willing to help you remove Personal Antivirus are themselves behind all these business tricks. Just be careful!!!

They sent me an email finally when I threatened them with something but Anna Hamilton is a fake, see below:
#218770 Re: Personal Antivirus product inquiry
Dear customer,
Thank you for contacting Customer Support Center.
Please follow my instructions to uninstall Personal Antivirus
1.Open My computer, choose Disk C;
2.Find C:\Program Files\Common Files\Uninstall\PAV\Uninstall.lnk
3.Run the Uninstall file.
4.Reboot your computer.
There are other options to find the uninstall file:-paste the following string to Windows Explorer address bar and execute it (Press Enter key):
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Uninstall\PAV\Uninstall.lnk
Start->Run->C:\Program Files\Common Files\Uninstall\PAV\Uninstall.lnk
After that our product will be removed.
If you have any questions concerning our software, please contact our Customer Support Service.

Anna Hamilton,

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Personal Antivirus removal guide:
I completely fell for this, and i also bought it!! i felt like i complete idiot and was so mad because i used my moms credit card, i went online to see if this was a good buy and found out it was a scam! even made my stomach hurt, i read that i should restore my computer and it will be completely erased, i did so and it appeared to be gone, i just want to know if it is completly out of my computer for good? and also i called card company and they told me they had already charged the money which was 60 dollars! these people are evil!!
how do you restore your computer to get rid of personal anit virus
Lewis W > bud
Sep 1, 2009 at 06:26 AM
i diddnt even download any programs for this!


1)open "My Computer" and C:/Program Files/uninstall

2)here there should be the stupid little icon of gold sheild titled "uninstall".

3)double click it and it shall run an un-installation process and finally remove it permenantly

this way worked for me. i would run AVG or whattever you have afterwards to remove it.

by the way, warn all your friends about this horrible virus
this personnal anti-virous thing driving us nuts , i even e-mailed them they sent info to get rid of it , it my p/c up more , slower , wont print, these folks are evil. this is invasion of privacy. how can i rid it for sure ???
I had this annoying "Personal Protection" virus? on my computer and I could get no where nothing was working. followed other sites and chat rooms advice, or attempted to. Nothing worked! I did come across a site that had a list of files related to this thing. This is what I found.

Go to:
c:\Program Files\Common Files\PSecurityUninstall

Yes, it has an uninstall file!!!
Then I followed the link AVG offered and downloaded and ran the malware remover program.

this worked and it was simple after 2 hours of trying all kinds of things without success.
Good luck!
Thank you I will love you forever and you savd my little brother's life! This actually worked after I too work for hours trying to find a solution and it was so easy. Phew thanks again.
Fuck Security Tool
Dec 29, 2009 at 06:53 PM
Here's where security tool was located on my laptop:
C:\Document and Setting\All Users\Application Data\05379630

1) shut down
2) turn on computer
3) Find and delete security tool
4) Delete security tool in the recycling bin
5) Delete all security tool shortcuts
As was mentioned, the best way to get rid of this tool is to use Malwarebytes as it will also clear registry entries which you won't be getting rid of by just deleting folders and files you might have found.

It's a nasty little program....I had the task of deleting it off a friend's computer recently and I'm sure what fools most people is how professional the main screen looks. Someone took a lot of time on that - pity they couldn't use their skills in a more positive way, isn't it? A-squared free I think also picked up a remnant of it.

As for credit cards...if you have fallen for this scam and given your details CANCEL your CARD immediately as they could use your details to buy goods.
I would also take it up with your credit card company and request a chargeback for goods not received as this is a fraudulent transaction. It's worth a try.

If you want some good antispyware programs that are FREE, then try this page:
(not a scam link, it's an ebay member)

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Sounds like a really malicious scam going on here.

Locate anything on your computer to do with this virus including any fake uninstall programs, any emails from the 'customer service', etc.

Restart your computer in safe mode (see above reply by Lottie), delete the above mentioned items, and then run whatever legit antivirus software you have.

Get yourself a good combo of software to combat these types of scenarios in the future (example: NOD32 antivirus, Spyware Blaster, Microsoft Security Essentials, etc).

If something ever pops up on your screen like that again, do not click on anything no matter how real it may appear - access the taskmaster to get off the internet and then follow the steps outlined above.

POS systems? Anti-virus? Security?
bshe41 Posts 5 Registration date Tuesday April 7, 2009 Status Member Last seen June 11, 2009
Jun 11, 2009 at 10:51 AM
Hye you should never download and use these software!!! Never give your personal details, credit card and codes! Uninstall these software! and use another antivirus

I will advise you using AVG antivirus and AVG antispyware

My wife ended up with this scam on her computer and my daughters computer as well.... I talked to me neighbor and he said it was a scam and it is an easy fix... just go to and download the free program and run the scan and remove all checked items and then make sure you reboot your system... Removed everything from both computers and it was also easy to do!
sorry the web site address is actually
it worked thanks
this is the easy way of removing it without downloading anything

1)open "My Computer" and C:/Program Files/uninstall

2)here there should be the stupid little icon of gold sheild titled "uninstall".

3)double click it and it shall run an un-installation process and finally remove it permenantly

this way worked for me. i would run AVG or whattever you have afterwards to remove it.

by the way, warn all your friends about this horrible virus
Yeah they are trying to scam me to! i downloaded something random and my computer got invested WILDY, then total protection came up and scanned my computer and it tried to get me to buy it! i was wondering how did it get installed on my computer?? its actually happening right now.. i have no clue how to get it off!
it can download itself even if you get rid of it. it can re download.
this thing wont let me turn on the computer it goes into a blue screen and restarts how do i get rid of it without turning on the laptop
Have you tried starting in safe mode?

Press F8 repeatedly when you switch the laptop on, and you should get a menu on a black screen (before windows tries to start).

Choose safe mode.

This will start windows without the offending program starting so you should be able to get rid of it then using malwarebytes (download the program onto a flash disk from a non-infected computer if you haven't already got it on your laptop as safe mode will probably mean you can't connect to the internet and even if you could, the malware you have will prevent you downloading it).
Expert > Lottie
Jan 6, 2010 at 02:17 PM
Just run spyware doctor download it and get the key from youtube!
Adonis > Expert
Jan 20, 2010 at 10:17 AM
I followed your advice and it stopped me when i got to the last part of the download it said worm credit card detail at the end and oes to automatic shutdown thats boogus
madputer user
Jan 22, 2010 at 08:38 AM
I had one called Personal Security yesterday. Everything I tried to do would not work. I could download every fix but then it would not let me run it. I could not even open system restore. I was sooo horrible. Finally after hours and hours, I found a Microsoft Windows site that let me scan my entire puter. That took over 3 hrs. Then it did let me fix everything. Finally it was gone. After I could restore my puter to an earlier date and did that just in case. This stuff really sucks!! The place I got rid of it is onecare live. An actual Windows site. Took a long time but worth it.