Dell laptop Blank screen issues

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Please I desperately need a help for my dell laptop inspiron 1520 windows xp for it has suddenly went black for quite some days now. I have tried all the suggestions I got from people with similar issue but to no avail. Now the problem is like this. The screen when switched on is blank and on the caps lock light is on but blinking continually why the screen is still blank and after the caps lock light continous blink, the laptop goes off by itself. Please what could be the problem? And what can I do to get my laptop screen on again? Thanks for your swift response and God bless!

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Plug it in. The battery is dead!
Thank you

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Thanks for your response! I've done what you ask me to do by pluging it to power but that still does not change the blank screen as well as the alphabet key that keeps blinking. Pls is there any other alternative? Thanks for your swift response and God bless you.
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Pull the RAM out, and try to boot. Does it do something different, or does it show the SAME indication as if the RAM was in it?

Ok then, I will do just that and get back to you, thanks alot for your advice and suggestion as well as your time I really appreciate it.... good evening!

Good after to you and thank you for your previous suggestions which is for me to remove the RAM in my laptop and reboot the laptop, I did that and the system cameup so it appears that the RAM is condemn and will have to get another RAM but thanks alot for your time and advice I really appreciate it. Do have a great day ahead.
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Thank you for the update, and kind words!