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I would like to copy music from a site to my USB stick. I tried to click on the green button on the site which seemed to offer the facility to do this but it screwed up by internet browser and didn't work anyway.

If I copied music to my USB stick, would it play if I stuck it in a port on a car music system? I have stupidly bought a car with no CD player or tape player and am desperate to be able to listen to some music in the car.

I bought a tape player with a cable to connect to a USB port but it didn't work.

Any ideas on how to solve this problem much appreciated!
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Thank you

To copy any music into your USB stick, you have to first download that music file (from any source) on your computer or smartphone. After it, you have to plug-in your stick into the system and copy those files into it.

There are a few software that allows you to directly put music from YouTube in the USB stick.

Also, before putting the stick into the car music system, please check about all music file formats it supports. To play the music into your car system, the files you are copying into your USB stick must be in the supporting formats only.

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