No signal on monitor


I just built a new pc and when I plug it into my monitor, I got a no signal.

Here is the important information:
  • I kept my old hard drive
  • Tried different monitors
  • Tried different display cords
  • Took out my video card and tried without it
  • I even check to see if my front or back USB will charge my phone. They didn't.
  • The part I can't understand is the PC's motherboard RGB lights are on

So, please help me!
System Configuration: Android / SamsungBrowser 8.2
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Thank you
it could be:

1. Memory (check them one module at a time)
2. CPU (is it compatible with the motherboard and installed correctly)
3. Motherboard (does it need a flash for your CPU)
4. power supply (bad or not connected correctly)
5. assembler/User failure (what can go wrong Will go wrong)

Good Luck

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