Folder in my WD hard disk changes to unknow f

Kelvin - Jun 12, 2009 at 08:00 AM
 Neo - Oct 17, 2009 at 05:56 AM

A friend borrowed my hard disk. Unfortunately, his Windows XP computer couldn't access the hard disk. Upon return, my Windows Vista computer recommended a volume error scan/ recovery. After successfully carrying out the scan, I realised that my movie folder had changed into an unknown file (the kind of file that request you to select a programme to open with). I ran a virus scan and it was clean. The folder had a size of tens of gigs but now the file is just 32KB. However, the size of the occupied space in my HD is still the same as that before this incident. My question now is, how do I restore this file to the original folder with all its contents unchanged?

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You will need to use a recovery software. You can use the Recover My Files Software. With this software, you will be given a search option. You could choose the Complete File Search or the Complete Format Recover which will last for some hours depending on the size of your drive. The next step is to select the drive. After that you will have to tick the file type. For instance, in my case, there were avi files in the folder so I had to tick the avi file type and untick the others. After doing that, the search will begin. The next most important step is analysing the search results. All the folders in the drive will be listed including tens of other folders with numeric labels. You will have to go through all this individual folders to view their content. The movies I recovered were found in so many different folders and some of them were recurring. Next, tick the files you want to recover and start the recovery. If you choose save, then the software will save all the files you have ticked sequentially but if you choose save as it will save just the first file and you will have to repeat the process by yourself. I am not so which is which, you will just have to try that out and see. Depending on the size of the files and the drive, the process can be very lengthy as it was in my case since I was dealing with tens of gigs of movies. I just let the recovery process run overnight. I couldn't recover all the files but recovered quite a significant number of them.

I hope this helps you because I spent at least 2 weeks looking for a solution.
This is your problem, follow the instructions carefully in the below link and it ll get solved
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Jun 12, 2009 at 09:19 AM

You will have to use a software to recover all your files from the hard drive. Just install it and follow the instructions

I am facing exactly same problem - no proper folder icon and folder size is 32 kbs
I am disparate to recover the files in the folder.
This folder is v imp to me.

Would you please explain bit more in details the steps you followed to get back the files?
In your message you are saying - you used another recover software for system scan. what is necessary, if yes then which s/w you used?

Would highly appreciate your help.

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Thanks a lot for your help.

The complete file search is showing some files in 'those' folders.

I thought i could use the software as a trial run.
At this stage do not know whether i will get the proper files or not
But looks like i need to pay for recovering the files.
With the trial version, you can't save the recovered files and with the full version, there is still no guarantee that you will recover all your files. In my case, I could recover circa 70% of the files with some damaged.

You just need to get the software the way you normally get your other softwares

There is another software Final Data Enterprise, but again you will still need to obtain the full version.
Hi Spicewear,

Thanks for the software. I tried it out but I still see the file instead of a folder. The problem is that the folder is now a file. It was originally a folder with lots of stuff in it but now it appears as an unknown file and I can't open it.

I was wondering if there is a way to restore the original folder with its contents?

Apparently, I am now able to see the files that were in the 'corrupted folder'. I think I didn't run the recovery the first time very well. I just did the fast search and moreover, the specific file type I was looking for wasn't ticked. I got another recovery software which performed a full scan and I was able to see some of the files. I then later tried the Recover My Files software choosing the complete format option and specifying the file type (.avi). I interrupted the scan but I could see most of my movies.
So basically I will be able to recover the files. Initially I was expecting to recover the folder itself but it seems as if I will just have to search and recover the individual files.
I am assuming that after the recovery process, when I delete the 'corrupted folder' which now appears to be only 32Kb, it would actually free the tens of gigs of space I am expecting.

Thanks for all the support. I googled this stuff before posting my problem here and there were a couple of guys with a similar problem but got no response. I hope this helps some other guys in future
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Jun 20, 2009 at 05:26 AM
The only thing you can do is to try to scan your hard drive to sweep off viruses!! If the data recovery didn't work this means the hard drive is infected!