Monitor, keyboard and mouse won't work after CPU upgrade

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Today I got a new processor (AMD A8 7680). It was a temporal upgrade until I was going to buy a new computer. The problem is that when I turn on the computer no peripherals (screen, keyboard, monitor) won't work, also the HDD light never does anything.

I tried putting back the old CPU and it works perfectly fine. I updated the BIOS and nothing. Tried connecting the video cable directly to the motherboard and also nothing.

Is the CPU dead and need to request a new one or is a problem on my end?

My specs (with old cpu) are AMD A4 6320, GT 740, MSI A68HM-P33 (not V2) and 8GB ddr3 ram.

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If the specifications of the new cpu is inline with the MB, it sounds like it is bad. Return it and get another one. Always use ESD when handling chips.
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