Motherboard, and the rgbs comes on yet have no signal on monitor [Closed]

 Nick -

A couple days after I have built my system The system seems to work fine but later on it stopped working... the mothboards rgb, ram rgb and fans comes on but there wasn’t anything displaying on the screen. I have tried switching from Dp to dvi, hdmi and still doesn’t work; tried different ram sticks; attempt with different monitors; and nothing works.

I’m thinking the cause of this is the motherboard but I hope not.

Any ideas?

Windows 10
I5 8400
Gtx 1060
8gb vengeance ram
Corsair cx600m
System Configuration: iPhone / Safari 12.0

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When you placed the cpu, how much thermal paste did you ise? If you used too much, trouble. If you ised too little or noen, lots of trouble. Which is it?
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Have you tried booting without graphics card? If not then make sure it isn't your graphics card.
I’ve tried using it without the gpu and it didn’t work.

I used a pea shape and let the heat sink spread it.

I have used my cpu and gpu on other mobo an it worked fine

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