Can't hear the sound using headphones.

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I am having an ACER laptop TravelMate 3260AWXMi and I have Windows XP installed.
Sound is coming from in built speakers but I could not hear sound from headphones but headphones are working properly. Few months back I was able to hear the sound from both speakers and headphones. I don't know what's wrong. I am plugging the headphones into the right jack. When I plug in my headphones into my laptop I get a pop up information "A jack has been plugged in", this means my laptop is detecting my headphones right?I also checked my RealTek HD Audio Manager, in the Audio IO tab the Analog option is enabled. Please help me out

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Assuming all ur connections are made. back/rear panel for speakers. front panel for headphones. Go to your audio manager. (bottom right of the screen an icon of e.g. realtek audio manager) double click that. Click on audio i/o tab. On the right side you'll see ANALOG tab, click on connector setting of this tab (a small spanner shape icon there) put on ur headphones and check/uncheck the menu options that you can see after you click on the connector setting.
This worked for me. Hope it works for you too.
Thank you

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If you headphone really works.. when it pop ups to the message saying a device is plugged just select output!