Earbuds wont work in Lenovo Laptop [Closed]

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So my earbuds will not work. When I go to Control Panel and select Hardware and Sound and then sound the only Icon that comes up is Speaker/HP. Help! I need to listen to webinars without disturbing others.

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 75.0.3770.100

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Not wireless
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Post back. Thanks for staying in there for the inquisition :)
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Good morning, well I bought cheap earbuds and still no luck!
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Good morning. Sorry the hear it If there is no volume control knob, the jack is dead then. Physical parts fail.

I dont recall seeing bluetooth in the spec. But, if it does have it, ypu could go the wireless route.
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Thanks, I'm giving up! Everyone can just listen in on webinars LOL
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Lol! Yup! Thanks again for posting back! Sorry I couldnt find the issue.

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