Asus rog don't display when power is turn on

Reymart - Jul 17, 2019 at 12:36 AM
 Blocked Profile - Jul 17, 2019 at 07:01 AM
Hello, i had a problem with my computer and it really depress me cause i had a lot of things to work on but suddenly when i open may laptop it say's "BOOTMGR is missing". I don't know what to do cause everytime I press ctrl + alt + delete keys button it keeps on repeating the process. I tried to fix it using youtube guides but unfortunately the display when i turn on my computer didn't appear. It was just all black display even when i felt that the fN of computer is wirking ang the power button Is working also. How do I fix this kind of problem. I barely need your help ASAP cause i have deadlines on the next following days and i had a rush on finishing it before deadline. I just hope that you can help me.

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 74.0.3729.157

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In google, type windows 7 bootmgr missing.

When google returns the listing, find and click on the MICROSOFT SUPPORT PAGE with the title of "BOOTMGR IS MISSING PRESS CNTRL+ALT+DEL to restart" error.

Follow the instructions.