Can't log-in to facebook without mobile phone number

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unfortunately I've never owned a mobile phone (elderly) but do have a regular home phone(land-line) which includes voice mail. I read your wonderfully simple steps to recover your account but right near the end where you say there will be two choices for sending the confirmation number to; email or instant message.... my box has NO such choice and therefore I can't move forward into my Fb account. This is sooooooo frustrating. I can't even find a "Contact Us" section on Facebook and have been through all their "Help" sections looking for my trouble to no avail so have turned to you. Any suggestions?

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Wait for Facebook to develop a device that will accomplish this, and breathing for you, and tell you when to take a bath and eat! YOU can abandon them or.....

Get a Tablet! They are cheap, and you can get EMAIL ON THEM!

I am not aware of any services for facebook that will CALL you.

Welcome, BTW (by the way), to the forum!

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