Unable to Confirm Facebook account identity on another computer

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I've been trying to confirm my identity, because my account was "mysteriously" accessed out of the blue. And it gives me the option, to confirm with recent comments, or to confirm with previous devices. I tried the previous comments challenge 3 times, and I know I got those comments right, but facebook still told me they couldn't recognize me. And then I tried to attempt the other option, which was to access through another device, but when I go and try to log on, on those other devices, the same confirmation pop-up shows. I need assistance, its really bugging me.

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 75.0.3770.142

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We are ccm.Net and there is nothing that we can do to assist you, but say try agaun tomorrow!
And I know I'm getting the past comments right.
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We trust you. Try again tommorrow.
Thats is of no help to me....
I can't constantly be trying again, and again. It would be useless
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But it is all of the help that I can give! It is the best that we can do considering it is a Facebook problem, amd we are CCM.NET. this is not a technicalnissue, but an account management one. If it were technical, we still could not help you because the problem would still be Facebooks servers, or code, or personnel! Get it?