My harddrive not showing up the volume

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I have my WD 500gb harddisk which was running as my internal hdd for my hp laptop,
It crushed and the problem is it cannot be booted
I have connected it as an external on other computers but it is taking alot of time to show up .. And when it is showing up, it does not show the volume,
When i try to open it the computers hang and i have to remove the harddrive so the computers may work ..
I have tries recovery softwares and when i connect the harddrive then i run the softwares, the softwares wound ve launched .. But when i remove the harddrive the softwares launch normal
I am a video editor and all my clients videos are in the harddrive ... What can i do ??

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 64.0.3282.137

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A bad drive is a bad drive. You will need to take it to a skilled technician to recover the files.
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