Seagate external drive: volume label and data missing on windows

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1. Dropped external drive on floor from table. Disc made repeating noise
2. Opened case and released heads from disc. Noise stopped, but volume label was not correct, had slipped to default
3. Performed system restore,all working and backed up disk to Carbonite cloud services.
4. Two weeks later disk again had lost correct volume label and data not visible. System restore wont now work again, and I cant get the computer to see the correct volume label, which used to day seagate external drive, and now just says G drive, and none of the data is visible.
5. I ran ZHPdiag and the log is listed here


Is there anything I can do to correct this please. I plan to order a new drive and restore from carbonite, however it would be helpful in the meantime if I could access the data while I wait for the new disc to arrive.

Many thanks for any your help/ideas

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Jan 20, 2014 at 07:22 PM

first of all, dropping the hard drive has more then likely physically damaged the disk. You should have taken a backup once you managed to get back on.

you could you try running a check disk from command prompt providing the drive has a letter.

"Chkdsk <driveletter>: /f /r"

Failing that, there are companies that can recover the data. However, the cost is 3 figures.