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JK - Jun 16, 2009 at 01:35 AM
 JK - Jul 21, 2009 at 11:02 PM

I have uploaded some files in the server and when I open the web page in browser it showing the URL is blocked.
Is it because fo virus. If it virus affected, how can I clean it.
Please help me.


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It's not your browser and it's not the website. Actually, it's this strange virus/adware/cookie im not sure, that's been infecting computers on a massive scale. If you google the problem you're having, it appears to be springing up just recently. Although I've only seen it afftecting websites such as deviantart, myspace, facebook, yahoo, and random google searches. I suggest clearing all your private data and doing extensive spyware/adware scanning using norton and spyware doctor. If you find yourself with an antivirus you don't remember downloading, get rid of that crap. Im having the same problem,basically you are having and found this while searching for a solution.
You could get to your website by going under a proxy, but that fix is only temporary.
I am not sure 100% of what you're saying, but If this is YOUR website, I highly suggest you temp take your site down if it is infected to stop the spread and keep other Search engines from finding out. Unfortunately this happens and SE's find malware they automatically put up a big red page warning. This can take up 90 days for the Search Engines remove the warning from your website. I've seen this happen before to other webmasters that did not know a third party advertising company was attacked which then brought down all the sites with it. If you take the site down, scan all your files, make double sure all is okay, go and re-submit your website to the SE's that have you listed as a malware infected site. It is not fair to the website owner that was attacked .. that they have to wait so long, so do your best to stay calm and work with whomever you need to work with this way you get things done FAST.

I suggest if you have a Google Webmasters account to log into that account and check any messages that Google may have sent to you. Work with them ... like I said it could take over 90 days ... which you do not want to happen. Lets face facts here .. Google is a major player and if you lost your indexing there you can end up losing 30% of traffic from something like this. Good Luck!

Here are some links that may help

Thanks for suggestions.

Acutally the problem was something else. When I checked the codes of all the pages, I found out that there was line of code inserted at the end of the code which was a link to some website. (I don't know how it came. All the html files were having this code). When I googled for that site, I found that was blocked.
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Jun 16, 2009 at 05:24 AM

Is may be because you internet options has blocked the site.

Please go you internet options ( open explorer tools select internet options -please check whether the Url is not listed in your restricted sites )

In other systems also the same thing happens. It is showing google is blocking the URL since it is virus affected.
Is it because of the files which I uploaded is virus affected? Please help me