Blocked on WhatsApp: how to know, status, last seen, ticks

Blocked on WhatsApp: how to know, status, last seen, ticks

WhatsApp allows users to block messages from other users. Have you sent a message to someone long ago and not received a reply? While this may be an indication, there are other signs of being blocked. Read on to discover several indicators that can help you find out if you have been blocked on WhatsApp.

Does the double tick not appear?

You may have been blocked if you sent a message to a contact and only one check mark appears. However, you should be aware that this also happens when the recipient does not have access to the internet, either because his or her phone is out of battery, switched off or on airplane mode. Remember that a double grey check mark indicates that the message was received on the recipient's mobile phone and the double blue check mark indicates that the message was read (if you and the other user have this option enabled). If a person has blocked you and unblocked you after a while, the messages you sent them during this period will not reach their device and, therefore, will remain with only one grey check mark.

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Can you see an online status or last seen time?

If you recently missed the last time your contact was connected, there are two reasons:

1. Your contact modified their privacy settings so that no one can view their last connection. 2. Your contact has blocked you.

Note that if you change your privacy settings to hide your Seen last time option, you will also not be able to see your contacts Seen last time information.

Can't see if that person is 'online' anymore? This may be due to the following:

1. Your contact is hiding his or her status using this trick. 2. There is a possibility that the person is not using the app at the same time as you to see him or her online. 3. Your contact has blocked you.

Can you see the contact's photo?

If the above conditions have been met and you can't see your contact's profile picture, to suspect that you’ve been blocked might be reasonable. However, please note that in WhatsApp's privacy settings, you can choose not to show your profile picture to anyone.

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Can you add the contact to a group?

When you try to add a contact to a group and get an error message saying Could not add participant, you may have been blocked or the person’s number has changed. However, WhatsApp does not allow you to know for sure if you've been blocked in order to protect the privacy of its users.

Note: If all of the conditions described above have been met, the chances are very high that you've been blocked.

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