Can't download attachments on my yahoo Email. [Solved/Closed]

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I have been unable to download any attachments from my yahoo emails. The statement "The requested URL was not found on this Server"always pops up. What by the way is URL? This has been happening only in the last two weeks. Prior to this I never had any problem opening attachments. I am not extremely computer savvy, so I don't know what to do to fix it. I still have the caveman dial up internet service with AOL, could this be a possible cause? I would really appreciate anyone who could help me with this, I need to be able to open up attachments for my job, and going to the unemployment office or Library to open my attachments is very inconvenient and time consuming. HELP!
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hansonbrothershockeychick - Nov 20, 2008 at 01:34 AM
Thank you
I had the same problem, which had to do with my anti-virus (Trend Micro). I had to go into Virus Controls; then Protection Against Viruses; click on Settings and uncheck the box that said "Threats in Web mail attachments". Remember, Yahoo uses Norton to download attachments so you can't have two virus protections "running" at the same time.

Thank you, hansonbrothershockeychick 58

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I am unable to open attachments in my Yahoo mail. Where can I locate the Virus Controls on my computer so that I can edit the settings?
hey thanks a lot! I have een havin gtrouble with this for months, had to ask people to just copy paste it! thanks a lot
neurotransmitter - Apr 9, 2010 at 05:01 AM
i've a problem with the attachment for yahoo email. its like i can't attach any files onto it. it has nothing to do with any anti-virus, it just can't be attached. any reason for this unusual phenomenon?
thnks for ur help. bt m using quickheal total sec 2009 so am unable to find the *threats to web attachments* in my softwre. please dude help me out. i hv reinstalled g-chrome twice for same reason. bt if i use Safari or any odr web browser i am able to attach the files. please help wil b very thankful of u
where is this in yahoo?
Thank you
I can't open the email attachments on my yahoo emails. I keep getting the error message saying that the URL server could not be found on this system. is there anything I can do to fix this I am not a computer person so I wouldn't know when to look for things to make changes. Please help I have called everyone and no one knows what the problem is thanks.
why i cant open attachment to my email what is the best things that i need to do to fix it?
Thank you
I can't download my attcachted file from my inbox.
Thank you
attachments porblem
Thank you
I had the same problem and could not open attachments in Yahoo email. I went to Microsoft and found a solution.

Go to Internet Explorer and disable the Add Ons.

They are under the Tools and the Manage Add-Ons. I disabled all of them and then checked my email and the attachment opened. I then went back and enabled 1 at a time until I found the one that caused the problem. Mine happened to be under Mcaffee, the proxy, so all others could be enabled again. I left the proxy one disabled and everything is good again. Hope this helps you.
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i am having problems with yahoo cant send attachments at all'been that way for a weeh dont know what to do'i have nortons and scaned'no virus'yahoo is also having a hard time connecting'please help?
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i mad i cant download pic
Awesome! I was having the same problem. Thank You for posting the solution!
Genious!!! Thanks for the post!!!
I can't thank you enough!! I have been struggling with this problem for two months! I could not figure out how to fix it. Thank you again!
Thank you
Unable to download images as attachments to my, Yahoo xtra email. The image reaches the attach panel, but the download does not terminate
Thank you
please help me open up my attachment
Thank you
I cannot download attachments on yahoo.
Thank you
Is there a way to tell Yahoo not to use Norton Anti-Virus for download scan? Someone in the forum mentioned "Virus Controls" but I don't see it in my Yahoo options anywhere.
People have asked and I haven't read the answer yet, so I'll ask again...If you only have Norton and you cannot open your received attachments, nor can anyone open yours, what can you do? This was not always a problem but, has been, for the past few months. It was this way in IE 7 so I upgraded to 8 and it's still doing it.
Can anyone figure this out?
Thank you.
Do you have any other protection programs for internet threats other than Norton, such as anti-spywares or anti-malwares? Perhaps one of those may be blocking Yahoo Mail. On one of my machines, I have Norton 360 version 3, SuperAntiSyware, and Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware running, and I have not had any problems downloading attachments from Yahoo Mail. Also, if you use Windows, what level is your Security set at in the Internet Options?
Thank you
so what do we do if we dont have the "trend macro" or whatever.

how do we shut this thing off. Will the problem disappear if I load Norton anti-virus, which I recently bought but havent installed?
Thank you
I'm having the same problem unable to open attachments/pics since this paty fall. I'm thinking about going to another email service. Why doesn't Yahoo Tech fix this problem.

Somebody suggested changing to which they said has no Norton Anti Virus program.
This would make sense since my computer has an anti virus program and all the other security necessary.
Another suggestion was that a computer's anti virus program and Norton is too much anti virus and makes opening attachments a problem.
Thank you
i can not open certen attachment on my email.It says no virus.I click the downlot
botten.After iclick the allow it is not showing the attach ment.It says ihave to do
somting with microsoft.

I am despert for help.

thank you

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Thank you

on their page, somwhere at the bottom is customer suport adress so you can send them e-mail

if thr attachments are to big, since you have dial up that cuold be a possible cause
no one on ANY of yahoo pages is customer support. If you find something it takes you to forums and keeps going in circles. Yahoo is a joke and I am getting sooooooooo sick of them. I have attachments for my buisness that I need to open and I can't. It is very frustrating! I have DSL and I have the same problem and NEVER had it before
I had this problem. If you revert to Yahoo classic email it goes away!!!
Not really a Yahoo problem. Open your Yahoo mail from Firefox browser. It will download the attachments just fine. Only IE8 has the download issue. I'm still working on why/how to fix.
i have the same problem and I use a Firefox browser. I tried it on Explorer and Google Chrome as well. It could be something that has to do with the internet connection in my case.
There could be a different cause for everyone's case : (browser...trojan....internet connection speed...antivirus settings..etc )
Thank you
i keep trying to send pics and the attachments wont upload for hours. just says attaching but not attachment completed. Try the send button, the awnser is attachment not finished. Could you help me fix it?
Thank you
I had the same problem of downloading attachments from my Internet Explorer on Yahoo Mail, so I opened a new browser with Google Chrome and everything is back to normal; I got ride of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox since. I must say Google is easy and simple and you don't have to click this and that; fast it is.
Thank you
Its a simple fix. Get rid of Internet Explorer. It's a POS. I had the same problems with not only yahoo email, but others as well. (gmail too) ONCE I LOADED GOOGLE CHROME, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!
Thank you
I have tried to get into my hotmail attachment it says run I hit it and it does nothing I hit save it willn't open either I get I got window vista my daughter got a laptop and she can get into it why cann't I
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Thank you
yahoo is the sh... , I agree
I had a problem, when I was creating yahoo account, there was no fckin way to fill the form with valid data, so I had to change the country and then passed

but I did contacted them back than, so if I find adress I will post it
Thank you
no no I attachted from google .com only
Thank you
we can get information how to download the attachment from receiving mail but you can highlight the link so user can take first eye on it. I also have some information on a email attachments If this can helpful to users it is good.
i'm also encountering opening up the yahoo mail web page, opening and sending emails, and attaching regular-size attachments. take note that i'm encountering these problems only with the yahoo mail. I have no problem whatsoever with other websites like cnn and all the rest. that simply indicates that this technical problem is solely and limited to yahoo mail only. i've already at least 3 email complaints to yahoo mail and I got an initial response. they told me to take prntscrn the problems and send to them. I exactly did it but got no more communication. it's disgusting and perhaps they dont bother to address the issues due to their incompetence. it's disappointing. the problem with yahoo mail only began the 3 weeks and never had it before.
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