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Tuesday January 8, 2008
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March 5, 2008
 KevinnA_14 -
Hi, guys!

My comp isn't recognizing my speakers...

I've been trying everything from installing Realtek audio soundcards and drivers to research, and I can't seem to find anything... My Altec Lansing Series 100 speakers are plugged in, however, when I go to the Control Panel, and then Sounds and Audio devices, it says no audio device is plugged in...

Please help, I've been working at this for hours and this is driving me crazy!


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Wednesday February 20, 2008
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February 9, 2009

Humm... It seems as if many persons are facing the same problem these last days...Problem with sound from their pc/laptop...

I recommend you to check if it is well-plugged and if it runs well when it is plugged in other PCs...If so, then you know that it is defective and need to change to a new one!!

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Thank you

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> zach
Hi Zach,
I have the same problem a couple of weeks ago. I tried so many ways, following different kinds of procedure still it didn't works. I just did figure it out just now. What you have to do is just go to the control panel open the sounds and audio device then go to audio on the sounds playback change default device to conexant audio
click apply then click ok and presto you have a sound. Hope it's a big help out there.
> mellow
hey there mellow.
i've tried your solution but I just can find no end.
why can't I change the default heh..?
> jr
i recently upgraded from windows 98 to xp when I did my audio, games and vidio will not work but mostly my audio will not work so I went to help it says no audio device so how can I get my audio back frist

i tried that it works on other but not mine and I tried many other speaker sets but it still says theres no audio device !? I need help bad please help me!
my computer is getting crazy same as me....grrrr...I accidentally deleted my Audio Device.What should I do?plssss help..
I had the same problem with vista home premium
i downloaded the driver and then after I rebooted it said no audio device installed. I went to control panel then checked to see if the driver was on the add and remove programmes list it wasnt so I downloaded the driver again and installed it everything works fine now .. so try that first before you go hunting for other solutions that mean a reinstall of vista ..
HP DV6767TX Model.
Please provide me the link to download audio drivers.

I am going crazy please provide me link to download audio drivers (ALTEC LANSING) for HP DV6767TX Model - OS XP Installed.

Rest of all Video playing fine, only problem with audio drivers. Please provide me drivers. No audio drivers even in HP Site for XP compatible also.

Waitng eagerly for ur reply.
where did you get the software from?
im in the same situation that youre in.
i have vista home premium.
i rebooted by laptop last night and it tell me that there is no sound playback device
i have no way to play any songs or anything on my laptop
what software do I install for it to start to play back?
please e-mail me asap!
hey guys ,

had the same problem sometime back . if u deleted your audio drivers by accident and it was not deleted by some virus , then you have to re-install the driver cd that came with your audio device . for onboard devices use the motherboard disk . for external devices go to device manager select souund and audio device and right click on it and select update driver . it will auto serch for the driver and install it . hope this helps worked for me ...
I was onthe control panel deleting some programmes so as to have more space for songs and new folders but somehow I ended up deleting it accidentally.......could you please help me sort this out as I am worried that I will loose most of my importanant programmes on the computer because I have tried to install a drive detective and it doesnt seem to be working but its there.
You still haven't figured it out, please read my message I wrote on restoring your computer back to a working date.

Just go to your start menu at the bottom of your page, click "all programs" , then "accessories", then "system tools" then click "system restore". If your computer was working ok a week ago, go back to that date and follow instructions on your computer. You computer will update its self and then it will restart. When your computer is up and running, you will find your sound working and everything again. Just a word of advice, maybe have someone help you before you start erasing programs again. I say this because if you erase to much, your computer will crash. If you erase just a few things, one program might be attached to your sound and other important things and you will uninstall those. It can be tricky but if you want things back the way they were for now, so you have sound, follow my advice.

Peace and good luck

> Christopher
HI I thought I should let you know my situation so you may understand that not everyone has the same solution as a restore point. Trust me I have tried this. MY problems all started when I was using vista. I needed to upgrade my AVG and in order to do this I needed to upgrade my Vista. This requires a Sp1 update I am using a HP pavilion dv2000 and like many others this resulted in a problem that got worse and worse after the update where my screen went all sorts of scrambled. before trying to switch to xp I went through a period of time replacing the drivers every time vista decided to destroy them and then turning off the automatic updates but then the situation got worse vista completely went defunct. I could not even boot my computer in safe mode and all the restore points were to a point in time after I downloaded the SP1 update. So at this point I got out my old XP cd and installed XP after which point I needed to download drivers for many things on my laptop but one thing seems to evade my ability to fix when trying to up load drivers for my sound the computer says there is no audio device it is plain to see I cannot do a system restore. I am done with vista I believe there are a lot of people who feel that microsoft owes them a new computer I for one will be going with alien ware and linux in the the future. But in the mean time would like to get the sound working on my computer again. After using xp and vista for years now Xp was always smaller and just a hair better for functionality and vista was always just visually nicer, but now as of a month ago Xp blows the vista away considering vista no longer works on many computers I have been to other sites and know I am not alone.

i had the same problem...then I realized I needed to install the the exe. driver then execute..should work
For starters try this thread

Windows reports ''no audio device'' (Windows XP Discussion Forum)
Hey Everyone,
It's me again. A couple days ago I wrote a message on here. I had erased a few programs I did not need anymore and all of a sudden my sound was removed. It was if I had no sound program for my speakers. No one was able to help me so I researched it myself on the net and here is what I did. I went to the "Start" menu at the bottom of my page, clicked it, then clicked on "All Programs", then "Accessories", then click on "System Tools" and then "System Restore". From there a window will open and it will ask you what date you would like to take your computer back to. Yes, it is like the movie, "Back To The Future", you can go back in time. For example: (For those of you who have never heard of this before) If today's date is May 30th and you erased your sound by accident this morning but your computer was working fine yesterday, you would set your computer back to May 29th. After you click on that calendar date and hit ok, leave your computer alone for a few minutes while it updates itself. (Your computer will explain everything to you once you get to the "System restore" area.) After this process is done, your computer will reboot itself. I did exactly what I mentioned above (I figured it out on my own) and if you ever find yourself in a weird situation like losing sound (assuming you are not just making a human error and have your sound on mute), try it.

Best of Luck to you all

dude I did it ages ago and my restore thing doesnt go back that far help! I deleted whilst tryin to delete some virus thingy that I installed by accident... deleted the program that looks like a crab and now I dont have sound and itunes is tellin me I have a problem with audio and playback and my speakers are apparently not plugged in when they are and they are on

dude help... add me if u work it out.. cheers pal
> davestar2000
Hey Bro,
I would love to help but not sure I can. I can't see why you wouldn't be able to go back in time. It only has to do with the last times your computer has updated its self online. when you get to the restore callendar, every date highlighted in "Bold" are dates your comuter has successfully updated its self. Are you not allowing your comuter to update when it asks you to restart computer or please "click here" to update? Maybe try it again. It should work bro.

> davestar2000
Hey Dave,
The "crab" is an icon for Realtek software. I am having the same problem, except I didn't go on a deleting spree...I got infected with the rogue program claiming to be Vista antivirus 2008. I am running a Toshiba Sattelite A215-s5818 with vista home premium. So I know exactly what you are going through. So far no luck, even with the original program from the restore disc. Oh, it shows up in remove programs, but doesn't have the crab icon, just the window icon that shows it wasn't fully installed. I am going to attempt to complete a system restore. If that works, I will let you know. Otherwise, if ANYONE has any ideas, PLEASE let me know! either here or at Thanks for ANY ideas!!!
Chris your are a life saver thanx.. your advice worked very well.. thank you so much and may God bless you.. u kno I was stressin without sound on my comp.. thanx dude :) :)
I was on the control panel deleting some programmes so as to have more space for songs and new folders but somehow I ended up deleting it accidentally.......could you please help me sort this out as I am worried that I will loose most of my importanant programmes on the computer because I have tried to install a drive detective and it doesnt seem to be working but its there. When I try to play some music iin windows media player it says that the device might have been removed or its being used by another programme.What does this mean?

Here is a helpful link also maybe for some of the issues here