HP laptop keyboard suddenly stop working

 nitintambe -
Please help! I have a Hp pavilion tx2500 touch screen notebook. This morning my keyboard suddenly stopped working. I tried two different system restores, I tried cleaning it and I tried to update the drivers. Nothing works. I have been using the touch keyboard which is a pain in the a**!! Its only two months old... please!

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I hope you have found an answer, if you didn't here it is:
  • shut down the notebook.
  • Remove the battery for a couple of seconds and replace it.

It works for me every time.

The keyboard locks up on mine when I turn the notebook on while in tablet mode. I mean the cover is closed with the screen facing out.

I hope this helps.

Thank you

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wowwwwwwwww it workedddd I am very happy
Thanks this was great!!!
Thank you

It worked perfectly
Hi Jean,

I had the same issue . My keyboard working fine after Framework updation.

Nitin Tambe
Stop the presses! HP just released BIOS F.0B that fixes just that issue; finally!


I have just tested the new BIOS on my laptop and it is really fixed.

Have fun
I had this problem last night, I uninstalled recent programs thinking it was a driver conflict. I ran a system restore to before I installed these programs when I KNOW it was working. Nothing, I googled it and found this.


Thanks a lot for the solution! The wife was in Italy. I text her and ask why she has not been skyping me all day. SHe replies that the keyboard is dead on her new computer. I call her at her hotel in Italy. Suggest some basic things--no go. I ask her what she had done last on the thing, while it was still working. It turns out she too had turned on the machine when it was in tablet mode. While she's on the phone, I look it up on the web, and wind up here. I have her pull out the battery (explaining that to her was like pulling teeth!), and Presto! Thanks a million for posting this.
Hi thank you for the tip! This just worked on my HP G60 laptop. This is not a tablet computer either. My mouse and keyboard were frozen, but the battery removal did the trick!
Who would have thought! Such a simple solution for what I thought was going to be a keyboard replacement!!
Thanks, and I'm going to try that BIOS update.

And for those wondering, yes, I flipped to tablet mode beforehand on my HP tx2000 laptop... it runs on Windows Vista Premium AMD duo processor.
Had the same problem.....

How I solved it..... Pure Dumb Luck (but good luck!!)..... Popped out the battery for shits and grins for about 15-30 Seconds. Restarted it and it worked.

Hope you all have the same good luck!!

Hello fellow,

Please make sure no key is on hold among your keys. i.e. make sure that all keys are pressing well and no one is suspended.
Hy to all,

many many thanks to the author. after 4 hours searching and trying I found this answer and ... unbelievable it works.

Regrads Spirou
thanks heaps bro I have 30 of these touch screen laptops for my company they all crashed thanks 2 u we are up and running again and to think I pay ppl 2 fix this and they couldnt and I have a qwick search and well thank u
My daughters HP tablet laptop had the locked keyboard syndrome.
Removing the battery was the solution.
Now three more people know the fix and soon at least three more people
two of which are hp tablet laptop users will also know.

Does all your info remain in tact tho?
Ive been avin te same problem and Futuresop wants to take my laptop away for 2 weeks to fix - I DONT have 2 weeks. so I really wanna try this.. my backspace and quotation and h arent workin :(