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J’ai un gros problème avec mon Ordinateur: soudainement son clavier a complètement pété les plombs. Plusieurs touches ne marchent carrément plus, sauf si pressées avec d’autres. Maj ne fonctionne plus non plus. Autre chose à noter: les touches du bas (wxcv) écrivent plusieurs caractères dans un ordre précis quand pressé. W donne qw1, x donne sx2, c donne dc3.

Le problème persiste après restoration du système ET dans le bios. Donc, ça n’a ps l’air d’être lié au software mais au hardware qui a vue de nez n’a aucun problème physique apparent.

En bref, je suis perdu et mon laptop est un peu inutilisable. Help please !

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Merci pour votre question. Je vous répondrai en anglais pour les autres utilisateurs (on est sur la forum anglais), néanmoins n'hésitez pas à revenir vers moi si vous ne comprenez pas :)

To fix this problem of your keyboard no longer working after booting to BIOS there are several steps you can take. (To perform some of these, you may need to connect an external keyboard to facilitate typing)

1) Check Windows 10 for any keyboard system file errors.
-Click WIN key and type cmd into the search box. When the command prompt appears, right click it and then select "Run as administrator"
- enter the following when the new prompt appears: sfc /scannow
-Wait for the process to complete

If that doesn't work we move on to the drivers:
2) Reinstall keyboard driver
-Click "Device Manager" then scroll to and click "Keyboards"
-If there is an exclamation point (!) beside the default laptop keyboard, right click the keyboard and then "uninstall device".
-Reboot your laptop
The keyboard should reinstall instantly (even as you restart Windows) and will hopefully be up and running again.

If neither of these work you should check if there's a problem with the hardware of your laptop keyboard:

3) As your computer is booting up, repeatedly press the button that takes you to the BIOS screen. Usually: DELETE, F2, F8 or F12
-If your laptop boots to Windows, then you're either pressing the wrong button or you may actually have a hardware problem
-There could be a problem as simple as a loose connection but unless you're comfortable taking your keyboard/laptop apart yourself, I suggest you take it to a technician for repair work.

Hope one of these will work for you,
Aoife McCambridge

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Thanks for the answer! Sorry about the whole french thing, when browsing through the forum it only showed french topics so I figured that was the language to use.

So.. after posting that, I attempted to restore the computer to a previous point to see if the keyboard would reset to how it was before. That resulted in a blue screen with all repair options failing and I had to reinstall windows. Surprise, once I did, the problem persisted. As for the bios, I can access it without issues because the function keys are all good. The pattern of working keys is incredibly weird. Plugging in another keyboard works, so it does seem to be a hardware issue but a really weird one. I'll take it apart if nothing changes.