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 Eric9821 -

I am using Yahoo Mail through Gmail web app. I've set Yahoo's POP settings in my Gmail to receive messages and SMTP to send messages. Receiving is fine, but my sent messages are saved on Yahoo server (Yahoo sent messages folder) even though they shouldn't be, according to POP settings. How can I solve this? I don't want messages saved on Yahoo sent folder.


System Configuration: Macintosh / Safari 13.0.4

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Well, it is odd, to change protocols for email transport, but, perhaps your SMTP fails because the DOMAIN CANNOT AUTHENTICATE YOU as a VALID SENDER?!???
Hi, thanks for the comment. I am sending mails through Gmail web app, that's not the problem. The problem is I am using POP settings and my saved messages are still saved on Yahoo server, but they shouldn't be. Check this page - the differences between IMAP and POP are listed here under 'How POP and IMAP differ' and under POP it clearly says -
No record of sent email - Emails sent from the app are not saved on the server.

my saved messages are still saved on Yahoo server*
my SENT messages are still saved on Yahoo server

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