Can properly work my laptop touch pad key

jindal - Jun 18, 2009 at 02:41 PM
 Bella - Jan 14, 2015 at 10:30 AM
hello evrybody,
i have a sony viao laptop since last 2 year ,and there has no problem sinse last years but my lap top key
(mouse button left & right/) is not proprly working .
So I can't understand that what's the main problem,is software (driver installed) problem here or any hardware problem.........
here one thing is noted that for some days only right key is properly worked. .............
please help me to justify solution for this problem.

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Hey.. my Packard Bell touchpad stoped working suddently... İ shuted down my lap top, removed battery for a moment, I presse and hold the start button for 10 seconds... and replaced the battery.. start the lap top.. My touchpad is working again!!! so if your touchpad has stoped working the first thing you have to do is.. doing the same thing I done.. good luck!!
Thnx !
Helped me out with the same problem
worked perfectly
Facing this problem with my Dell Precision M4500. If I switch off the power but keep the cable plugged in, it still makes the touch pad unresponsive. only if I unplug the cable does the touch pad start working.

I have tried the "10 sec - power button press" but that did not work. Waiting for the new power cord to arrive. If there are any other solutions, kindly let me know.
Aug 22, 2010 at 09:31 PM
You are a genius my man, thanks for the advice, it worked a treat.
The problem was resolved. The Sony tech replaced the touchpad, but the same problem occured (i.e., the new touchpad did not work). After trying several things, he realized it was the power cord. When the power cord was unplugged and laptop used the battery power, the touchpad worked. I bought a knock-off power supply cord not from Sony. Evidently this could impact the touch pad. You get what you pay for.
I had the same problem with my left click on my vaio. I dunno what was the cause of the problem it just started a few days without any obvious reason, I was using my vaio just like always. After reading the answers here about unplugging the cord, I tried it and it started working :) and the good thing is that even when I plugged back the cord back it continue working :) But just to make sure I will buy a new power cord:)
I had the same problem have had it for 6 months, also had a knock off power cord, unplugged the power cord and now perfect. Thanks for your assistance
I had the same problem on my packard. After trying loads of new things that didnt work such as upgrading drivers I just turned the laptop off and took the battery out for ten seconds put it back in and turned it on and it worked again
Yes! It works! Thank you so much! I spilled some water on my touchpad and it didn't work. The computer couldn't even detect it on device manager and on mouse settings. But I shut down my laptop, took out the battery, left it for about 3 mins, then put the battery back, plugged in cable, and it worked again!

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my laptop's touchpad's left clicker was dead then I search for an advice from forums but nothing I tried worked. then I decided to try something based on info I got from the forums but slitly different: first I shutdown the system and close the screen, then I waited a little, connected the power cord and waited a few minutes then I pressed the power button for 10 seconds without opening the lid. then I opened the top and pressed the power button again to check it out, when the system loaded and my profile apeared I clicked on it and my clicker was back to life.
thanks a lot, a have a gateway mini laptop LT 31 series, I had same problem, I recovered, ... done any thing but , not solved , but I follow your role, now it's touchpad working, tnx guys
HP G60 -530 US . Key board completly stop working. I cannot enter anything either on the notepad or MS word or even URL on the internet explorer
I had the same problem with my Gateway laptop and did as you guys did, shutting down the laptop, then removing the battery for ten seconds or so, then putting the battery back in, and turning the laptop back on. It fixed the problem. Great advice. Thanks.
same problem and that battery thing worked. thanks! a useful forum
My Sony Viao touchpad stopped working as well. I called the Sony support, they ran a simple test (booting in a different mode) and determined that the touch pad requires replacement. Oddly, about a few hours later, our Asus laptop touchpad stopped working. The Asus helpdesk suggested to reboot, but remove the battery for a minute before starting it up again. That fixed the problem on both laptops. Except, I noticed that my touchpad works fine at the office site while I am connected to the network via ehternet cable, but when I am at home using a wireless connection, the touchpad will eventually stop working again. Any clue why? Virus? Sony Viao is scheduled to come this week to replace the touchpad.
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Sep 19, 2009 at 09:51 PM
Hi KPusingSony, I have exactly the same problem with my vaio. I've just gone wireless and ever since my left click hasn't worked properly.

Did anyone get back to you with regards to whether going wireless could be a problem?


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Dec 15, 2009 at 10:19 PM
I've been having problem after problem with my vaio but the touchpad is aggrevating me most. I saw you got in touch with someone who has and will install a new one. Could you Please give me that information? I tried calling Sony for a previous issue, asking if there were any authorized sony places I could bring mine to get cleaned up/backed up/fixed there ''customer care'' reps in india told me that because my laptop is more then a year old, sony cant help me, Im basically SOL because my laptops a year old, I asked if they were telling me its useless because its a yr old? they agreed!... Weird I know but if you can give me some contact info on the people who helped you with getting touchpad installed it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
Sony Vaio NR160E
laptop mouse key not working, I think I may have locked it. I do Fn and the F7 buttons and when says enable I hit yes, but still not working? How do I get it back working, laptop is Acer Aspire 2yrs old.
keep pressing f7 key 100 times and then shift then ctrl.
I have an Acer laptop that is new, and the scrolling function was not working (very suddenly). I looked online for a solution but didn't want to download something that might cost me or cause more problems. So I remembered that I had already downloaded "CCleaner". It removes unwanted files etc. and does a better job than your computer's history eraser. Anyway, I ran it and it fixed the problem! CCleaner is FREE and doesn't give you those annoying prompts to try something else for money. Highly recommend it!
HI!!!!!!!!!! HIHIHIHIHI sup.
Thank you so much man, my mouse pad works again! I just shutdown the comp, took out the battery, then placed it back in and held the start button for 10sec. I appreciate the help bro.
-Sony vaio comp
its never going to work take it to a used store and save up to buy a new one