My laptop screen keeps flickering... help!

 Sarah -
i bought a new dv4 - 1225dx in january and since may, the screen turns to flicker anytime it's booting. now it seems to be getting really bad and I don't know what to do. i'd like to know if anybody's having the same problem and what the solution is to this problem.

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This happened to me

Right click on Desktop main screen.
click properties
click settings
click advanced
click monitor
set your screen Refresh rate
( try at 85 Hertz or a step less)
In case you are using graphic card, click on Graphic Card Control Panel..
(in control panel)
select change resolution
select Refresh rate , as per requirement of your system.
Thank you

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My refresh rate is 60 hz but I can't edit it. I have a Sony Vaio, if it makes a difference. Please help D:
My refresh rate is also 60 hertz, but I can't edit it! My laptop company is Fujitsu.
Please help!
i have dell inspiron with same problem.. and my refresh rate is just up to 60 HZ here what can I do for this problemm plss plss help me... thanku..
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You can just adjust to lower rate if it is available on your laptop..
I had this issue with my dell insprion and I adjusted the settings to 40hz and it did the trick.