How do I bring my HP back to factory setting?

Judy - Sep 29, 2009 at 09:44 AM
 mosco - Jan 24, 2013 at 10:25 AM
I have an HP pavilion XT963 that has way to many duplicate windows files on it. I found this out when I downloaded a duplicate finder. Since I dont know enough about what windows are safe to remove and which arent I have left them all on there. I am also having problems downloading some items because it will start the intial download and then I get an error message stating that there's a problem with the internet connection. But its connected and working fine. I am able to get online and get onto any site I want without any problem.
So I figure that if I can reboot the computer to its origional factory condition, maybe it will eliminate all the extra files and be like new. I'd do this by using disc's but I dont have any. So I'm stuck with a computer I can only do so much with. Yet not what I want to be able to use it for. Like downloading school work. I even have issues trying to download adobe reader.

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hey there,
i just restored my hp to factory conditions yesterday and its doing great. what u need to do is-

1. go to 'start' and find- recovery manager (all new hp computers have that)
2. press 'advanced' (u'll find this below on the recovery manager window)
3. u'll find some options after that. select 'restore computer to factory settings'

and there u go! all the best! :)
First off there is no place that says "factory reset"
thank u so much I have being long 4 this.