Power failure during hard drive formatting

bluecollar - Jun 20, 2009 at 12:08 AM
 toby - Jan 24, 2010 at 02:41 PM
While formatting a new hard drive into my Dell Dimension 8300, we had a storm come through and knock out the power. The operating system software was at 85% complete when it happened. Now I get a message that says " ERROR LOADING OPERATING SYSTEM". What do I do to get the o/s installed?

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Your best bet is just to format again, and reinstall windows. What is another 20 minutes compared to a years worth of problems later? It is not worth messing around. Simply set your boot sequence to boot from the CD Drive. Depending on your computer you can try ... reboot, while computer is restarting press DEL key as that may bring you into your bios. Locate your system boot sequence settings. Set the computer to boot the CD rom first.. Reboot your computer with the OS CD in the drive. You want to install Windows (or whatever OS you're using) ... format, and follow the prompts.

NOTE: If DEL key does not work please search the net for your computer/OS steps.
I had the same problem, computer shut down right when it was about to finish formatting. Now I try to reformat and reinstall Windows XP Pro Education Edition and it says it cannot detect valid copy of windows, cannot install from this "upgrade product", and I need a full version of XP Pro. I don't understand as I've already reinstalled this version once using the valid product key that came with the new computer and the official Microsoft CD, not some copy or pirated cd. I'm stuck, cannot go any further and the laptop is now a paper weight. Please help!