After add 1GB Ram, cannot play dota, why?

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my pc is windows xp sp3 ,pentium 4 2.66gHZ and now is 1.18GB RAM. B4 is 256MB RAM, but now i add 1GB RAM, but after add tis RAM, my computer bcome cannot play dota. It just can play 5 minute, then it bcome not reponding n need 2 restart... can anyone tell me how 2 solve tis problem?

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You will have to upgrade your graphic card!! this is causing this problem!
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i think you need to re install your dota... your specs is good enough to play with it..or maybe you have low VGA???
because DOTA is 4GB

Dear Sir,

You should check within the other system requirements too. The followng might help you into solving the problem.