Facebook accunt Reviewing Your Information May Take Longer Than Usual

 Robiul -

Alas, I am Rabiul Islam Rabi I am a citizen of Bangladesh The security reason was shown on my ID 9 days ago. After that I was asked to verify my number with vote ID card. I completed it with all the docmains but even after 9 days my account is still not activated. Logging in to the account shows this message.
(Reviewing Your Information May Take Longer Than Usual
Thank you for sending your information. We have received it.

We have fewer people available to review information due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It may take longer than usual to review your account.

We're always looking out for the security of people on Facebook, so until then, you can't use your account.

Thank you for understanding.)

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 86.0.4240.110

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January 15, 2021

The review process may take several weeks to a few months. You've no other choice than to wait until Facebook has finished reviewing your documents and confirming your account.
I heva already 5teami Contact Facebook support team bat no rally ani support team mamber

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