Instagram unable to log in “try again later we limit how often you can do things

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Could someone help please ?

I’m getting the error “Try again later we limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram” I can not click out of the error message it is stuck there and the background is black

There seems no info on how to help as if I try change password it can’t go through safari also as it says same error and there is no
Way of contacting Instagram it seems.


System Configuration: iPhone / Safari 604.1

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May 17, 2021 at 05:22 AM

I'm sorry to hear about that.
You can report a technical problem through the Help center.

Also, please note that Instagram may restrict your account for the following reasons:
1. Following or unfollowing a lot of pictures (there is a limit of 500 per day).
2. Mass liking, commenting, and/or messaging.
3. Posting too much.
4. Sharing violated or harmful content.
5. Using a third-party app - make sure to uninstall any third-party app.

Normally, a blocked account recovers within 24-48 hours.

Good luck
Elena Keracheva

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