Hashtags doesn't appear in recent. Transferred restriction from another account?

 Marcin -

I have three account loggined in. One of my loggined account was deleted by Instagram because of problem with community guidelines.

After this my hashtags in other accounts stopped works. I can use hashtags but my post doesn't appears in 'recent' tab. It's not banned hashtag.

I don't have any visible restrictions my my current accounts. I can do live, post pictures, use hashtags, follow people. But my hashtags doesn't appear in recent tab.

I created new one account to check it and hashtags works there.

I don't even know how long this weird restriction will work. Maybe forever?

I'm working on Instagram so I must reach new followers from hashtags but now I can't.

Any idea?

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 88.0.4324.152

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Hello, even if you have not been shadow banned, Instagram doesn't always show your own posts when you search for hashtags (despite yourself having used the same hashtag). I think Instagram prefers to show you other posts, rather than seeing your own.

You could ask a friend to see if they can see your post if they search using the hashtag.

Hey. I don't think so. In recent tab you can see all new, recently added posts. I checked on different account, and my friends checked too. There is no my post. It's not huge hashtag...

It I'm going to 'insights' therenis no information about hashtags reach. It's weird because nit should be there even with amout 0. But there not even 'hashtags' option to see.

I don't have any notification about restrictions.
Guys help please. To be honest I'm desperate.

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