My id has been hacked.

 arocks -
Please who can help me....someone hacked my id ...i don´t know how to get it back pls pls pls HELP me :(( :((


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Wednesday May 13, 2009
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September 6, 2009
Which ID is it? Please specify the ID you are using... Is it an e-mail account you are trying to open?
dude just go to orkut page n say i cannot acess my account.. then orkut will direct to a page.. just check whatever is written. n say i forgot my password then a password will be sended to ur email id which u have registered..hope u will find it useful
if ur email id is hacked then just do the same as i told b4 go to ur email page click on i forgot my password then if u have given alternative email id then ur new password will be sended there or just give the answer of 2 simple qwestion which u have choosen while registering ur email id hope u will find article helpful