My personal facebook account has been disabled by mistake

 joy -
I respect the direction of the facebook community. I have used facebook before
and I have never violated community guidelines. And I aslo used my real information and stored personal information in my account. Someone reported my account without any reason.
Facebook security system by mistake disabled my personal facebook account and they have disabled my account due to against facebook community standards. But I am provide them all of my identity to verify that I am the real user.I tried everything but my account still disabled. This account is very important for me. I am facing lots of problem and I donot get any help from facebook. I was giving prove by email but facebook donot reply. please give me a better solution to recover my account.
Thanks for your help

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 91.0.4472.120

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Here's an article on what to do when your Facebook account is locked or disabled.

Please note that CCM has no connection with Facebook and can't recover your account for you. You'll have to follow the instructions in the above article.
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You should contact proper way to get response to facbook's support and you tell them real birth date with addition information
please tell me the proper contract way. How can I contract with a proper way to facebook support team. please help me.
thanks for help