MS Vista globalroot\systemroot\system32\MSIVX

Joey - Jun 24, 2009 at 06:14 PM
 m1h2e3a - Jul 6, 2010 at 06:39 PM
Everytime when I started Internet Explorer, it come up with a message that telling me that this file is not designed to use in Window programs and I need to contact my adminster or contact the orignal program provider to install the file. IE on my PC will start after the message, but my PC would crash while using IE from time to time without warning.

This thing happened about 4 days ago and it also disabled my Norton 360 antivirus program since then I can't scan my file any longer. I called up Microsoft to work on security problems and their techinician gave it up after 2 hours of trouble shoots. The technician told me to use the restore disc to reinstall Vista but I'll loose my files.

I don't want to loose my files. Is there any remedy that someone can advise to resurrect my PC, or, repair this file?

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I'm having the same problem. I tried to recover my system and it says it can't recover to last date. Have you had any luck?
Hello Erin,
I'd called Microsoft tech support at 1-800-892-5234 to get help. Microsoft's technician is very helpful and they guided me through the entire processes. Be prepared to spent 4-6 hours to repair your system problems, unless microsoft has released a new repair kit this week for Window download as the technician advised me that Microsoft is planning to do so at that time.

Good luck with your repair!

Hello joey,

I have had this problem ever since i got Personal Antivirus on my computer, as soon as i removed it, using Panda Antivirus, it went, but then this problem pops out telling me that i need to contact my service provider or something, but i am living in the UK, i cannot find anyone to help me. I need some steps to remove the virus completely.

Thhank you,
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