Wireless Connection Between Laptop and PC

J*StaR - Jun 22, 2008 at 12:58 PM
 Tann3r - May 13, 2009 at 11:07 AM

I have a PC - (Windows XP) and a laptop (Windows XP). My PC is connected to the internet through a modem and a Netgear wireless router.

I have inserted the Netgear card into the card slot in my laptop and it doesn't pick up any kind of wireless network link, nor does it if I use the Wireless Connection button on my laptop.

Does anybody know what's wrong? Or what i'm doing wrong? I've tried to set up a new connection, but I've no idea where i'm going with this issue.

I'd appreciate it very much if someone could kind of guide me through the process.

Thanks in advance!


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Jun 22, 2008 at 02:35 PM

Sometimes by setting a new connection we might miss something in the step, restart it and see what it gives you, and see if the netgear card is an appropriate one!

good luck!
Check to see if that card of yours is compatible with your laptop.
also check to see what kind of wireless format the card is: for example i have a wireless 802.11b card for my laptop and won't connect to my router because my router is wireless G (802.11b) so see if it's the same kind of wireless because that might be your problem.

And maybe your router can't communicate or understand your laptops card?

Also go to the wireless icon right-click and go to network connections, your connection should be there if it is then right-click on it and click on enable, it might work after that.

If nothing seems to work, you might have to set-up a wireless connection in my "network connections" folow the steps.

Email me at: tann3r@hotmail.com

I'll try to be more specific, i'll even do Remote assistance with you but you must have msn messenger please. go to start, then program files, then "remote assistance" i'll tell you more about that on my email so make sure you email me because i can figure this all out in a minute with "remote assistance".

Remote assistance is a tool that you can use to invite someone over the internet like me and take control of your computer. so i can fix your problem you see. its totally safe.

Hope it works out!