Windows 10 crashed Unable to reinsert as computer wants password

slswriter13 - Oct 4, 2021 at 09:15 AM
 slswriter13 - Oct 10, 2021 at 05:25 PM
I have a Lenovo Laptop that without warning went to a blue screen that at first asked what my keyboard layout did I want. I checked American then it said Windows 10 was missing. It had crashed and could be reinserted. I took it to a seemingly competent tech who tried to do just that when a password request popped up.. I never put a password in when I got it and the tech said he thought it was not a new computer I thought it was but a refurbished one that had been password protected by whatever previous user who had it. Anyway till I find the password the laptop is DOA. I know I am not as clear as some might be but this is as good of an explanation I can give. Any ideas?

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Oct 6, 2021 at 05:28 AM

As per your post I understood that you need a password to get access to your system but initially you didn't know the password as it is a second-hand laptop. And now after making efforts you end up having the password but with a Dead on arrival system, right? Please correct me if it is not like this. Also, please share the latest status what is the actual error you are receiving.
I am not sure we are talking about he same thing. My Lap Top still is unusable and is still requesting a password before W-10 can be reinstalled. I am sure if it were something simple the place I took it would have fixed it and overcharged me. "UbreakIfix" would make no money otherwise. Trying to contact Lenovo is like chasing your own tail. It was working perfectly when I fell asleep and in the morning I had a blue screen as described. It didn't overheat or get walked on by my chihuahua. As you are the only person who responded at all proves to me it is a rare circumstance. The numbers on the bottom have worn off so Lenovo has nowhere to start. So I guess I am back to my 16 YO Dell. :(.