Banned, need help

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I've been randomly banned from WhatsApp and when i emailed them through the app i received these two mails:


Our system flagged your account activity as a violation of our Terms of Service and banned your phone number. Your account will remain banned as a result of the violation.

We recommend carefully reviewing the “Acceptable Use of Our Services” section of our Terms of Service to learn more about the appropriate uses of WhatsApp and the activities that violate our Terms of Service. You can learn more about how to use WhatsApp responsibly in this Help Center article.

Please keep in mind, WhatsApp reserves the right to enforce its policies in accordance with its Terms of Service.

and this mail:


We have reason to believe your account activity has violated our Terms of Service and decided to keep your account banned. We received a large number of complaints about your account and to protect our users' privacy, we won't disclose the nature of the complaints.

Unfortunately, responses to this email thread won't be read.

I've done nothing wrong and WhatsApp is my main messaging and communication app, I use it to study and talk with friends or family, i have never done anything illegal or against their policy on there and I'm desperate to get my account back.

Any suggestion and help would be greatly appreciated!

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Apr 9, 2022 at 11:52 AM

Have you used unofficial apps like GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus? Using modified apps may result in being banned from using WhatsApp.

It is mentioned in their Terms of Service that you are "responsible for keeping your device and your WhatsApp account safe and secure" and that "you must notify [them] promptly of any unauthorized use or security breach of your account".

Therefore, please ensure that nobody, including any third-party apps has accessed or used your account. If you indeed used modified WhatsApp versions, switch to the official app.

Before submitting your appeal, I recommend that you review WhatsApp's TOS to make sure you have not violated their rules. Then, if you are sure you have complied with WhatsApp's TOS, go to their contact page. In your appeal, you must prove that WhatsApp has banned your phone number by mistake.

Good luck