Need help ???? backup delete

Adam - Jul 13, 2023 at 02:09 AM


Please i need help . I buy new phone and i try to transfer all the backup from the old to the new.

I make backup for all in the old phone - but it's was 4.7G.B and it's stuck all the time on 99% or start from 1% . For some reason ???? I don't know what happened in google drive the backup was only 2 MB and all the folders chat and video deleted from my phone . When i try to restore in the new phone and after on the old one - i get backup without nothing. Even the chat list is not o.k .

One important thing is i save file of 184MB name 

msgstore-2023-07-10.1.db.crypt14 and all 3 folders: databases , backup and media (without 4.7GB i have before)

i try to restore but nothing happen 

i try to delete WhatsApp and reinstall, try to change the name of the file nothing work for me . Please how can i tell WhatsApp to reload from this file. 

At least I will have the preferred chat lists.  Also no media files
Android / Chrome