Need help troubleshooting a situation.

Reclaimer117 - Sep 6, 2023 at 12:28 PM

Me and a friend experienced something that has us not knowing what to think. Its causing a bit friction, so I figured I'd ask here to see if anyone can shed any light on what happened.
So, let's say person A is messaging person B. Person A goes on snapchat later that day, and finds all the messages from person B have been deleted. Person A also notices that snapchat says they aren't friends anymore. Person A tries messaging but doesn't get a reply, so person A assumes they were blocked by person B. Now and then person A sends a message here and there without a response. After a month or so, person A has a bad dream and really wants to know if person B is OK, so person A tries to add person B as a friend. Person A gets a response saying person B added them back, and person B replies. Person B that day receives the messages person A had sent over the last month. Person B insists they didn't block person A, and had actually thought person A blocked them. Person B says that person A disappeared from their contacts, and couldn't even find them when they tried searching for them. Making them think person A blocked them.
Can anyone shed any light on what could have happened here?
A couple more questions that may help figure it out...
Let's say person A did somehow accidentally block person B. Would that stop person B from seeing any messages person A sent?
Also, let's say person A did accidentally block person B. Would person A have to specifically unblock them in some way to friend and communicate with them? Or would person A adding them as a friend remove the block?
I'm aware there will be a question of whether person A or B are lying. It has crossed my mind, even though the other person has never given me any reason to doubt their honesty, and genuinely seem sincere. So I figured the best way to get to the bottom of what happened and figure out if someone isnt being truthful, or if it was caused by some issue with snapchat, is to remove the human element and use the person A and B format to prevent any bias, and just look at how snapchat works, and figure out what happened based on that. It is pretty important that I get to the bottom of this, so I'm hoping you guys can help.
So based on what I described, can anyone shed any light on the situation as to what really happened? Also, has anyone heard of this happening before as some kind of bug or issue?

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