How to increase the tranfer rate of pendrive

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sir i while tranfering the file from PC to pen drive its very slow down suddenly.what the problem it seems ? and how i will increase the transfer rate as before?

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would you plz guide me how to increase the data transfering speed from a pc to a pendrive manually without any software or if any than trustworthy i would be highly obliged if you would tell me about this.
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Speed Up Pendrive while Copying

Plug in your USB Drive.

Then Open My Computer> right-click on your USB Drive >click Properties.

Select your USB drive Under Hardwares and choose Properties.

You will see a dialog box saying " Optimize for quick removal".This option is selected by default.

Select "Optimize for Performance"option.

Now, remove USB drive and plug it again.
Copy some files from the drive to your system or vice-versa. You can notice the speed increase.

Note :- This trick may some times create write errors.But it will come in handy while copying files larger than a size of 1GB.
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To increase your data transferring speed on your pen drive you will have to install your USB drivers or chipset driver for your motherboard!! Please use your motherboard driver cd to do so,.