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Bob - Jul 1, 2009 at 02:53 PM
 NASEER AHMED - Nov 24, 2011 at 01:24 AM
we use two laptops in an RV and I want to place a wireless adapter on top of the RV to increase range. The wireless adapters are USB. I need to connect the wireless adapter to a wireless router so one adapter will service both laptops. Is this possible? Can the wireless adapter be connected to a cable router or cable modem?

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Jul 2, 2009 at 03:34 PM
No you can't connect a USB wireless adapter to a router. The USB adapter needs a computer to run its driver software.
Nov 10, 2009 at 06:28 PM
What if you use the proper cables and connectors to connect it to both your computer and your wireless router. Would it work then? I'm trying to connect to an existing wi-fi connection and be able to use the wireless antenna as my internet connection for my ethernet port on my wireless router. So that I may have my own wireless network in my house for a much stronger wireless connection and some wired connections. So does what i'm saying make sense and is it possible to do?
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Jul 1, 2009 at 06:07 PM
Yes you can connect a wireless router to a cable modem and use it as an access point for your two laptops. Any wireless router should have instructions included in the box. You will get better through-put via the cable modem than through the (free?) wifi connection.

Wireless range extenders and relays CAN be made to work but are difficult for a novice.

This box may work in "range extender mode" if your access point is using 802.11g.

The Belkin F5D7132 is a 802.11g Wireless Universal Range Extender/ access point (WURE) that connects to your network switch and lets you join your wireless-equipped PCs to your wired network in Access Point Mode, or increases the coverage of your existing wireless network in Range Extender Mode. Once you've done the setup, you can share data and peripherals, as well as a single Internet account among all your computers. It is based on standard 802.11g technology for fast wireless file transfers and downloads.

I don't know if the Belkin is compatible with an external antenna. The metal skin on your RV will block much of any wireless signal (any signal you now get must be entering through the windows). Putting any adapter in a window facing the source of the wifi signal will help.

Good Luck
Clarification ... The wireless adapter will be mounted on top of the RV and fed inside with a usb cable. Problem is connecting it to the wireless router which has a ethernet port, not a usb port. Want to use the wireless router to avoid mounting two wireless adapters on top of the RV (one for each laptop). if the wireless adapter can connect to a cable router or cable modem, and be powered by that device, then the cable router or cable modem can be connected to the wireless router via ethernet cable and both laptops will have internet access via the wireless router. IS THIS POSSIBLE?
Thanks ... that's what I needed to know ... wasn't sure.
i had the same problem today but I managed to fixed after changing the "media sharing" section in the network control panel.

i hope you understand why I mean, but I believe this could be the root problem why my viao cannot connect to most wireless routers, the system said something like the network was not a trusted source, blah blah blah...

i even vowed to say no more vaio in future....anyway. now it works perfectly, hooray!!! however, it doesn't change my decision for not buying vaio, I will try Apple (if I can afford) or others. Sony is no longer regarded as desire, they have lost their crown to Apple, HP and even Samsung...
Apr 15, 2011 at 10:29 AM

Although you asked this question years ago, perhaps I can still help, or help others in this same situation. I'm using a wireless adapter to get to the free wireless at a distance. It connects to my laptop with a USB. I have found the solution to this problem of friends or family wanting to connect to the internet while visiting. You can actually turn your laptops normal wireless antenna into a wireless router! The wireless adapter is bringing in the internet, your laptops antenna is giving it back out again. Granted, yes, either you or your RV buddy will need to be connected to that wireless adapter, but then the other person is free to be wireless anywhere within 30 feet of the connected laptop (though... with the metal frame of the camper that might be shorted if the other laptop goes outside.)

I'm an outdoor enthusiasts like you. However, I am not so tech savvy. Please look up "How to turn your vista laptop into a router" on google. There are many helpful videos or, if you prefer, written instructions. I have been very happy with my laptops ability to network, though, things get slow once 3 people are using the internet at the same time. Hope this helps!
you can use alfa r36 router for solving this problem, this can conenct to usb wifi adapter and extend range.