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hi please help me out about my newly purchased i-phone 3g from china.When i connect my i phone to PC ,it only shows removable disk.I was installed i-tunes latest version ,but it is not detecting i-phone.How i can sync to my pc.Please tell me what to do?If my I-phone is duplicate then please tell me how to sync it?

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thanks to reply.I checked my i-phone space(removable disk).its 2 gb memory.now tell me is it imitation? what to do next? if it is imitation,then can i sync i-phone?
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hi can i ask what if the usb/ charger doesn't sync to the pc what do i do...thank for the advice...
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First of all you must make sure that it is not an imitation of iphones.

In china there is a lot of mini iphone that are identical as true iphones but they do not have the same functions...

to verify this it is very simple just cheque the space capacity of the phone..

Go to properties of the removable disc.