Can't view any yahoo email older than two months

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 hillstrom - Jun 12, 2024 at 01:19 PM

Looking for email in Yahoo from early March but no mail older than 2 months is viewable. I did not accidently or purposely delete all of my email older than 2 months ago


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This is Hillstrom who wrote the original question and nothing has solved the problem. every day all emails from more than two months ago disappear. I considered sending all of my emails as they are received to a folder called new mail in a hope that emails would not automatically be deleted from my folders. I am not using a client. years ago from the yahoo website I created two email accounts and so I access them using my Edge browser. I tried other browsers but I get the same result.

BTW they do not first go to my trash folder so they are not recoverable.

The only filters that are in use are the ones that the Yahoo email system produces when I select a sender and tell them to stop all messages from that sender. If that system just looks for messages from the sender they would be deleted today but not 2 months from today. I need to inspect these automated filters to see if one of them has some sort of date issue.

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Jun 3, 2024 at 04:49 PM


Are you using an email client to check your account? If yes, check in that app if the setting regarding mail days to sync is not limited.

If you check your emails directly from the Yahoo website, use the search box to find the missing ones. You can click the down arrow in the box to add search parameters. Perhaps, your emails moved from your inbox to another folder...

In case you still can't find your emails, try sending a restore request to Yahoo. They may be able to restore missing or deleted emails in the last seven days.

Good luck