Make an ipod compatible with windows media pl

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i hav an ipod touch and i want to download songs from windows media player. i know you can download things that will allow that but i can not download anything. any ideas?

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There is a plugin for WMP that makes it possible, the Plugin is called "DOPISP".
here is a link to the plugin: rapidshare.#com/files/395599682/XNXYDOPISP.rar.#html
(just remove the #'s from the web adress)
tested on windows media player 11 winxp
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Thanks xenxay - Works great
You can use iTunes program to make an MP3 format.
Select.... Right Click..... "Create mp3"
the song will have to be in you Itunes Library you'll have to import them from your ipod if neccessay.
What you end up with is a duplicate copies in designated in "mpeg" fromat . these should show up in both your Itunes Library and in your WMP library.
This feature is also usable to create mp3 cds as well B/C the AAC format is not recognized by most audio systems. You then can use either program to

I have itunes options set so my encoder is mp3 by default. so any cd i rip etc. is in this format. Saves the second step. AND saves having duplicates in my library. Mpeg formated items play fine in you Ipod.

Note some you may not be able to do this with some items purchased at the Itunes Store.... They will come up a "protected AAC" do to digital rights issues.