I cant display the folder option from tools [Closed]

please sombody help me with this ,,

first of all i wanna tell u people that am so bad in english :)


i cant display the ( folder options ) form ( tools ) in the menu bar..so i cant hiddin or unhiddin my files

the problem is ,, how does it disappear ?? can i get it back ? how ? please let me know

thanx alot

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i cant display the folder option from tools
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You will have to re-enable the standard buttons on your window, Just right click at the top and tick standard buttons! You will then be able to access folder options!

I can't able to see folder option in windows XP pls give fast solution

Go to Start--Run--type Regedit

from the edit tab click find

type Folder options

in the Reg_dword value of folder option change it to 1

this will enable the folder options

or 2-----*
->Run -> Type gpedit.msc
->User Configuration ->Administrative Templates --> Windows Components --> Windows Explorer-> Removes the Folder Options menu item from the Tools menu.
Right click:
-> Properties -> Disable ->Apply

or 3-----*
Hi ....
Try dis
Start>----Run>-----> type- "Control FolderS".

i add it here from other site
iranian needs your help

I can't able to see folder option in tools in windows XP. pls give fast solution.

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