Usb not recognizes

 John W -
Hi Every One

I am facing problem with my computer board usb ports with windows xp sp 2. When I connect my external cable networking modam via usb port its works properly but some time when I connect it massage comes that windows didnot recognizes it and unknown device detect I retry to install the drivers of cable networking modam but then massage recived that drivers working properly i tried hard but not solve the problem. Can u think that I need some of special software or drivers for my computer board wich will support to windows xp sp 2 ?

Thank a lot in this regrad.

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the same problem happened to me & I realized that it was the device's fault not the computer's. try something else like a USB flash driver or something & see if the same message appears, also some computers' front usb don't work well & when you connect to the back side usb it works